"Why Bark St.?", you ask.

We make booking and boarding a walk in the park. We know that’s not a complete explanation, so here’s 5 more reasons:


We are proactive and direct. We will keep you informed about your dog's experiences, progress, and well-being


Our locations are safe, clean and spacious including 24/7 surveillance and health protocols to ensure that


We believe structured care, rest and play is best for dogs of but grouped by age, size and temperament.


We are available day, evening, and night at the times you need us.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Why Bark

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Justyna is the only person I would trust to train, watch, and care for my dog.

Talia + Poofy
Talia Poofy

I would personally pay the $130 to stay there myself.

Justin + Riley
Justin + Riley, west village client

This looks like the Bond Vet of dog daycare.

Priyanka + Mutt
8 Spruce
Priyanka + Mutt, 8 spruce, bark street client
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photo of big and small dogs co-existing

Big vs small dogs

Our 3,300+ square foot facility features specialized zones for dogs of similar size and temperament to maximize good, safe fun for all pups.

photo of a dog shaking their owner's hand

Educated staff

Our staff undergoes rigorous training led by our chief behavioralist to ensure they are well-equipped to handle and understand the diverse needs of every dog.

photo of a dog with glasses on reading a news article

Scheduled activities

Our pups can expect long walks, park outings, intriguing puzzles, and restful naps to ensure a perfect blend of stimulation, play, and relaxation.

photo of a dog on a walk

Available 24/7

We provide convenience to busy pup parents in FIDI whether their pup is there for a day of play or an extended boarding stay.

photo of a dog and bark street staff sharing a moment

Transparent communication

We keep parents informed about their dog's experiences and well-being during their stay via regular photo updates to ensure peace of mind.