Bringing humanity and space to urban dog care

Healthy food & treats.
Great owner communication.
Must be large, comfy, & clean.
Divided by dog type.
Cities are confining. Dogs are
unable to roam and smell.
dog care
Personalized attention.
Enrichment activities.
New York City Skyline
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photo of a dog peacefully sleeping
photo of a dog peacefully sleeping

The problem we solve

A dog daycare that isn't a dungeon

Many dog daycares often do not provide ample space or dedicated and experienced care for their furry clients. Bark St prioritizes spacious environments and personalized attention by credentialed staff, ensuring every dog feels at home and well-attended to.

Our story

Founded on a dog walk

On a dog walk, the idea for Bark St was born out of an awareness of the fear dog parents had towards typical NYC daycares. This led to the partnership between Josh Marx and Alex Klein in creating a new standard for canine care.

photo of staff playing with dogs

Our core belief

You work, we play

We ensure your dog's day is filled with joy, learning, and friendship in a safe environment, so you can focus on work without any distraction or feeling of guilt.


Meet the founding team

Josh Marx

Josh Marx


Father of Auggie and Stella, Josh combined his business expertise with his love for his pups to establish Bark St.

Alex Klein

Alex Klein


Proud dad to Mookie and Charlie, Alex leads operations and finance departments

Niam Saint Luce

Niam Saint Luce

Regional Manager

Guaranteeing that each client encounter and pup interaction across our locations is of the highest quality

Alec Goldman

Alec Goldman


Building a brand and experience pup parents enjoy and staff love


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